Catholic Charities Centennial Seen Through the Eyes of the Blind

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One Family’s Story

When Catholic Charities talks about celebrating our Centennial this year what we are really talking about is the pride we have in the millions we are honored to serve.   

Among those helped live to their fullest potential are seniors adjusting to recent blindness, developmentally disabled children, adults with ongoing mental health challenges; teens and adults struggling with additions.

Jasmine Carrero, for example, was born with a genetic eye disorder. Then, when she was in her early twenties, she became legally blind and utterly dependent on her husband. Her two sons were also diagnosed with the same disorder. The stress on Ms. Carrero’s marriage became too great. The result was divorce.

Jasmine and her 11-year-old Timothy had successful operations to preserve what remained of their sight. But in the midst of recovery another disaster struck. The city program that helped them pay the rent was canceled.

Jasmine, still without full vision, was on the verge of living in a shelter with her children.

“I was back and forth in housing court and the landlord,” Ms. Carrero says. “He wanted me out and everything I had got tossed outside.

“I felt completely lost; I felt how am I going to do this with two little boys and they can’t see;

I can’t see.  How am I going to provide for them?”

Catholic Charities stepped in with housing, furniture and legal and financial counseling.

Jasmine had a home again. Catholic Charities’ help created hope.

“I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for Catholic Charities,” Jasmine says.

Yes, Catholic Charities has helped millions moved from disabilities to independence.  But at Catholic Charities, each person, every Jasmine, every Timothy, is what matters most.  Now, as we mark a legacy of help we also launch into a new century of hope.

Please join us as together we celebrate Catholic Charities Centennial

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