Catholic Charities Alianza Division Kids Join Jets & Giants at Snoopy Bowl

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Preseason Faceoff Prompts Post Season Results

Catholic Charities Alianza Youth at MetLife Stadium

What New Yorker can resist a faceoff between our hometown gladiators, the Jets and Giants? Certainly not children served by Catholic Charities Alianza Division. They voted with their feet as nearly 100 hopped into chartered buses that brought them from their Washington Heights apartments to the MetLife Bowl for last Saturday’s annual preseason Snoopy Bowl in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

The event began as all good Jets and Giants football games do; with a tailgate party complete with burgers and hotdogs fresh off the grill.  Then the children piled into stands in time to catch Jets' defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson as he made his return to the field after last season’s broken leg from a tackle on his first play. They cheered over one another, some for the Jets, others for the Giants.  And some shouted – some nearly cried –  as wide receiver Tavarres King scored his second touchdown for a win for the Giants, 21-20, in the game’s final minutes.

Catholic Charities Alianza Division with its 15 programs and 36 government and private contracts provides a wide variety of youth development services throughout Washington Heights, Inwood and the Bronx.  All told, more than 2,100 children and teens weekly as well as 700 adults take advantage of Alianza’s services, programs and events.  While the programs and those served have tremendous variation, they are all geared toward the same purpose: creating leaders, educational opportunities and, most important, empowering our youth to make solid educational and personal choices and give back to the community.

The Jets vs Giants preseason game marked part of the grand finale of free programs Catholic Charities Alianza Division offers children and teens all summer long.  Now, like our Jets and Giants football heroes, Alianza is gearing up for the big season, the school year when it offers in and afterschool programs to help children thrive.

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