Help a Woman - Volunteer

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Another Volunteer Opportunity that needs Volunteers! 

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Catholic Charities Joins Protest Against Judge's Last-Minute Kibosh on Immigration Reform

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Immigrants and their supporters are rallying across New York to protest a judge’s Monday night order that stymies President Obama’s executive action to reform immigration policies. 

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40 Days to Change Your World

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Lent. Forty days before Easter when, through prayer, sacrifice and helping others, we transform our Christian love into action. 

Sounds good but how exactly do we do this? Now -- and throughout the Lenten season -- we give you our Lenten Messages of Inspiration.

"There are few...

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David Carr: Inspired by Catholic Charities; Mourned by the World

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 At Catholic Charities, we mourn David Carr, the brilliant, irascible New York Times columnist who dropped dead at his desk at The New York Times last week from lung cancer. 

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Pick Up a Basketball, Not a Gun

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basketkenn2011mothers 019

Put the guns down. Pick up the ball. And let’s recreate.

 That’s the plea for the third year straight of Harlem Mothers S.A.V.E., an empowered group begun by five broken-hearted Harlem mothers who lost their sons to gun violence. Their goal is to provide positive alternatives, specifically...

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Catholic Charities Lobbies Albany in the Front Rooms, Face to Face

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Battling nearly a foot of snow, Catholic Charities New York representatives organized a show of force in Albany on February 9 – 10 to persuade state leaders to expand Governor Cuomo’s proposed plan to combat poverty.

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New York City’s Municipal ID Is a Good for New Yorkers and Good for the City

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The premier Spanish-language newspaper, El Diario, turns to Catholic Charities Director of Immigrant and Refugee Services C. Mario Russell for regular updates on immigration reform. 

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Four Bold Ideas to Mend Police-Community Relations

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Braving frigid temperatures, over 150 youth, community leaders, members of the public and NYPD law enforcement officers, banded together last week to discuss the dicey subject of community-police relations.

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What’s So Great About a Random Act of Kindness?

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It’s Random Acts of Kindness Week.

So, we wonder, what’s in it for me? Watch this powerful video and find out. Inspired? Join us this special week, February 9 – 15, 2015, and help spread the kindness.

Looking for ways to pitch in? How about:

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Migrant Children: A Four Part Series

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By Alice Kenny

Fifteen years old, hungry and alone, Elvis Garcia hitched rides, scrambled atop freight trains and dragged himself through 1,200 miles of deserts to reach his promised land, the United States.

Now this former unaccompanied minor works for Catholic Charities, helping fellow young immigrants survive  and thrive.

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A Special Thank You from Msgr. Kevin Sullivan

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I am amazed and humbled by what we can do when we come together to help our neighbors. Because of you, so far this year's Feeding Our Neighbors campaign has already collected over 400,000 meals for families in need.

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Human Trafficking: Don’t Look the Other Way

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Join us this Sunday, February 8, as we raise awareness to this horror during the first International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking. 

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From Sleeping on Subways to Hollywood Success

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Covenant House Alumnus Moves To Next Round of American Idol! from CovenantHouse on Vimeo.

A big guy with a big name but short on luck most of his life, formerly homeless Hollywood Anderson just won a ticket to his namesake, Hollywood, CA. 

It’s all thanks, he says, to Catholic Charities affiliate/homeless shelter Covenant House and his powerful performance on American Idol...

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Whiz Kid Immigrant Works with FB’s Mark Zuckerberg but Still Can’t Get Permanent Legal Status

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photo 2

Similar to many New Yorkers, Carlos Vargas attended kindergarten through college in New York City. Similar to very few, he worked on a mobile app with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

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Immigration Reform Answers in Every Language

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So many questions about immigration reform! ¡Tantas preguntas! 

At Catholic Charities we have answers in nearly every language.


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