Best Way to Welcome the Christmas Season

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St. Nicholas Shopping Day Magic Turns Families into Santa’s Elves

Experience the day through our eyes through this great St. Nicholas Shopping Day video we pulled together.

Hurray! We celebrated St. Nicholas Shopping Day, the best way to welcome the Christmas holiday!

Adrenaline rushed this past Saturday, December 3rd, when friends, family and fellow volunteers grabbed shopping carts and lists completed by people in need served by Catholic Charities.  Then we raced down White Plains K-mart aisles to buy folks the best gifts we could find of warm clothes and winter necessities for 200 Hudson Valley families in need.

Children joined moms and dads to wade through racks of clothes to find the perfect gifts. Donors already donated Shopping Day funds. So, like Santa’s elves, all we had to do was fill our “sleigh carts” with the right gifts for our families.

  • “I definitely like the excitement I get from helping out people in need,” said Dylan Lockspeiser, 15, who, along with his family, has doubled as a St. Nicholas Shopping Day elf since he was a boy.
  • “I thought they would like the same things as me because they’re my age,” another boy said as he shared his Shopping Day tips.
  • “It’s fun to be Santa for a family,” said Teri Lukin, as she debated with her shopping team of friends whether an immigrant mom, size medium, would like the blue or beige –lined coat better.  “It just makes you feel really good to help out.”

The St. Nicholas Project is a year-round initiative for the most vulnerable families in New York City and neighboring communities. In addition to providing gifts for families that otherwise could not afford  them, St. Nicholas Project provides critical social services including nutritious meals, job readiness training, housing assistance, immigration and refugee resettlement counseling.

Missed this best way to welcome the holiday season? Don’t worry. You’re not too late.

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