Best Way in New York City to Celebrate International Women’s Month

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We’ve got the best way in New York City to celebrate International Women’s Month – and we know you’re looking!  Meet two once-struggling New York women with lives turned around thanks to the Grace Institute, an affiliate of Catholic Charities NY. 

 “I wanted to take the world by a torrent and say ‘I’m here,’” Umami says. “I’m ready for whatever you throw at me.”

This year alone, 300 unemployed or underemployed women will receive free skills-based classes, placement services, and job retention support, Grace Institute reports. A few amazing outcomes of their hard work include:

  • 80% of graduates will be placed in a job
  • 65% will retain their job for more than one year
  • $32,000 annual starting salary, compared to $6,000 average prior income

As the world celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women, International Women’s Month offers the perfect time to celebrate graduates' achievements at Grace Institute, one of New York City's oldest – and free - job training programs dedicated to meeting New York City women’s needs.

“Now that I have my job I feel I’m contributing towards my family and my community,” Seema says, “I love what I do now.”

Calling all New York women in need: For free employment training and job placement contact Grace Institute now.

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