Best Holiday 2017 Volunteer Opportunities

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Shop with “Our” Money and “Meet” the Family You Help

Catholic Charities NY offers the Best 2017 Holiday Volunteer Opportunities:

  1. Shop ‘till you drop with a list we provide describing the family in need and funds donated by supporters like you.

  2. No time to shop?  Become one of our elves by donating to our St. Nicholas Project.

Every $75 gift allows Catholic Charities to provide gifts of necessities for one individual during the holiday season.

Help families like Renee and her daughter, Aquiya.

First they were evicted from their Harlem apartment. Then Aquiya was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.  And for over a year, while languishing on a waiting list for a Housing Authority apartment, they moved from shelter to shelter.

Yet they have not given up. Renee struggles to save money to find a home to call their own, Aquiya, meanwhile, continues her high school studies with ambitions to attend college.


Can you imagine if this were your family?

At Catholic Charities we are helping rebuild their lives. Yet challenges persist.

Please help us help them have a merry Christmas.
  • Volunteers are needed to shop for winter items for families like Renee and Aquiya in need.

    • Each volunteer will receive a profile of the family they are shopping for and a maximum pre-paid budget.

    • Volunteer as an individual, family or team.

  • Donors are needed for St. Nicholas Shopping Day funds.

Catholic Charities St. Nicholas Project ensures that more than 4,000 New Yorkers in need receive coats, hats, sweaters, blankets, and more each Christmas. Together we can keep hope alive this Christmas season and serve many more than we ever thought possible! Take action.

Join us at St. Nicholas Shopping Day! 

Two dates!  Two locations!

Support Catholic Charities St. Nicholas Project


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