Become St. Nick for a New York Family in Need

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Join Our Adopt-a-Family Program

Need is growing in New York and the holidays are near. Despite second jobs, many of our neighbors cannot afford soaring rents, heat and food, let alone gifts to make their holidays special. 

Thankfully, you can make a difference.

Through our Adopt-A-Family program and generosity and compassion from partners like you, Catholic Charities New York helps families in need receive gifts of necessity during the holidays including coats, gloves, blankets and more. 

Through our St. Nicholas Adopt a Family program, you will become familiar with the family you help.  When you agree to adopt a family, we will provide you with a brief description of the family and their needs.

And while, like St. Nick, you will remain anonymous, also, like St. Nick, you can transform your “adopted” family’s holiday into a merry one.  Armed with the list describing your “adopted” children, moms and pops, you and your family can become their personal shoppers.

Shop online or at a department store.  Once you adopt a family, we’ll give you an address of a Catholic Charities office near you, either in New York City or Westchester, to drop off your gifts for delivery to your adopted family by our volunteers.  

No time to shop?  No problem. Please make an Adopt a Family donation and we’ll do the shopping for you.

What does it cost to make a child and family’s holiday special?  You can expect to spend approximately $75 per individual. The average family consists of four members, placing the cost of shopping for a family at approximately $300.

Last year, we were able to assist 800 vulnerable families.  That is 4,000 individuals, including struggling families, the working poor, frail seniors and children!  This year, with an increase in need, our goal is to serve 870 families.  We need your help!

Adopt one family or more.  Family sizes range from one person to as many as eight including their children. 

Giving Options:

Become St. Nick and make a New York family’s holiday special.

Sign up now:

·         Email 

·         Call 646-794-2436.

Find out more about Catholic Charities St. Nicholas Adopt-a-Family project

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