Announcing New York’s Nonprofit Power 50

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Big Shout Out to Msgr. Kevin Sullivan!

City & State New York, the premier weekly publication that dedicates its coverage to everything politics in New York, celebrated the 50 most influential people in the New York City nonprofit sector at a special reception held yesterday, October 11, 2018, at Battery Gardens Restaurant in downtown Manhattan.  And big news – but no big surprise for us at Catholic Charities NY - they chose our executive director Msgr. Kevin Sullivan among this powerful cohort.

Breakfasting on mini bagels and eggs, Msgr. Sullivan mingled with this cadre of movers and shakers, most of whom he regularly teams up with to improve the lives of New Yorkers in need.  The group was impressive and location symbolic; the glass-walled restaurant overlooked the Hudson River, the Statue of Liberty with her torch lighting the way to freedom appearing through clouds in the distance.

When Msgr. Sullivan took the helm of Catholic Charities NY in 2001, his first major responsibility was to coordinate with many of those honored by City & State the nonprofit response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  Since then, he has developed Catholic Charities NY into a premier social service provider, partnering with many of his fellow honorees to tackle New York’s toughest problems, from hurricane recovery to hunger, poverty, opioid abuse and more.

Among the dozens of Catholic Charities’ teammates honored were:

  • Sister Paulette LoMonaco, executive director of the Catholic Charities NY affiliated agency Good Shepherd Services
  • Muzzy Rosenblatt, president and CEO of Bowery Residence Committee with whom Catholic Charities NY is teaming to provide mental and social services in stable housing for those often called "the street homeless"
  • Steve Choi, executive director of the New York Immigration Coalition that works with Catholic Charities NY to empower to new arrivals;
  • Jeffrey Schoenfeld, UJA Federation of New York President, with whom Catholic Charities teamed for years to feed the hungry

“Where government can’t – or won’t – allocate the funding needed for key programs, philanthropies often jump in to fill in the gaps” City & State said in announcing their Power 50 honorees. “Despite the importance of these efforts, the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors tend to go unnoticed and are all too often unheralded.

“But behind them is a roster of figures who are ensuring the delivery of services, exploring innovative solutions and influencing public policy. We recognize 50 top nonprofit leaders who are key players in the world of New York politics and government.”

Learn more about Msgr. Kevin Sullivan and his fellow Nonprofit Power 50 Honorees 2018

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