After Surviving A Car Accident, Cynthia Psencik Continues To Run for Team Catholic Charities NY

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Find Out Why
(Hint: Her Running Mate is Her Husband)

By Cynthia Psencik

Cynthia Psencik

I joined Team Catholic Charities for the NYC Marathon in 2012 and unfortunately was struck by a car which left me unable to run.  I underwent physical therapy for months and just last year was able to complete the Brooklyn Half Marathon, the longest distance since my accident.  It was tough to train for it even if I had run that distance before. I think it had more to do with mind over matter.  And so the week before the race I told myself if I could train and complete 10 miles, then I would be good to for the race. I have found that with running, your body remembers and the adrenaline keeps pushing you forward.  I hope it does the same as I tackle the miles over 13.1.

This will be my first full marathon, but I ran 5 other half-marathons. I began running consistently 7 years ago when I completed my first Half-Marathon through an organization that helps young girls develop life skills through fun, engaging lessons and conversation-based running games. 

I was born and raised in New York City, am a newlywed (if 7 months still counts as new) and am married to my husband Evan, a native of Houston, TX. I am blessed that my husband is also running the Marathon and he is my running partner. As of now we are building up our stamina by doing 3-4 mile runs a few times a week alternating with strength training and yoga to make sure we properly are stretched. I also subscribed to a monthly massage membership to help ease some of the tension that can come with running.

As for why I’m running with Team Catholic Charities NY, I work as Associate Director for Youth Ministry for the Archdiocese of New York and have worked with Catholic Charities on many other endeavors. I have been witness of the great work that they continue to elaborate in helping those that are in need independently of where they come from or what they believe. 

I am honored to run with and for an organization that has a longstanding tradition of putting others FIRST and treating them with the dignity that they deserve.  

Would you like to join Cynthia and our team for the 2016 TCS New York Marathon? 

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