Abused, Abandoned but Destined for Better

Posted on January 12, 2016 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

Jasmin Gonzalez was just three years old when Child Protective Services took her and her sisters from their parents who suffered from drug abuse and placed the children in the first of five foster homes.  Sometimes they were placed together; sometimes alone.  But always they were abused and moved again.

Finally, at age 15, Jasmin ran away.  Child Protective Services then placed her in a group home run by Good Shepherd Services, an affiliate of Catholic Charities.  And surprisingly, she said, this group home was the first place she found people who cared. 

“The group home saved me,” she said.

Later, she found help at New York Foundling, another Catholic Charities affiliate.  And now she receives a tuition-free skills training and job placement from Grace Institute, yet another Catholic Charities affiliate that helps economically disadvantaged women master skills necessary for upward mobility through administrative and customer support positions.

Looking for inspiration?

Check out her just-published profile in The New York Times.

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