6 Best Ways to Wage War on Hunger

Posted on October 16, 2018 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

World Food Day: Local Answers to a Worldwide Crisis

Check out our 6 Best Ways to wage war on hunger today, World Food Day 2018, and every day.

World Food Day, celebrated each year on October 16, brings people together from all nations to fight hunger worldwide. 

Such a big goal is tough to tackle. 

Here are local answers to this worldwide crisis:

1.        Serve warm meals to the hungry at our Meatloaf Kitchen in NYC’s East Village.

2.       Feed the homeless on Catholic Charities Junior Board Midnight Run

3.       Pitch in at our Food Pantry in East Harlem

4.       Fill shopping bags with food at our food pantry in Central Harlem

5.       Serve full meals to the hungry in the Bronx

6.       Donate to Catholic Charities NY to feed the hungry on World Food Day & every day

Far too many New Yorkers- 1.4 million people, to be precise -- depend on food pantries and soup kitchens in New York to survive. That’s one out of every five New Yorkers, older women,  working families, veterans and, worst of all, children.

Catholic Charities makes a difference. We partner with programs to provide more than 6.5 million meals to hungry New Yorkers each year. Community and parish-based food programs and pantries offer families food to bring home.  Many locations also provide hot meals on site. Our mobile food pantry supported by the Rusty Staub Foundation provides meals and other services in Staten Island.   And we connect hungry people to the extra support they need so they will not go hungry again.

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