“Start by Asking” Campaign

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A New Initiative to Help Over 2 million New Yorkers In Need

A hungry widow living just blocks away from a Catholic Charities food pantry she didn’t know exists. A man without sight who hasn’t heard of Catholic Charities Guild for the Blind. A teenager searching for work unaware Catholic Charities can help him land a job. Because too many struggling New Yorkers remain unaware of services that can empower them, the de Blasio Administration joined with Catholic Charities, the Robin Hood Foundation, UJA-Federation and Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies to launch yesterday, June 27th, its new “Start by Asking” campaign.

The goal?  To enable faith and community leaders like us to more easily connect New Yorkers in need to existing programs that improve their financial security.

“We recognize that accessing these services can at times be daunting and many fail to do so,” said Catholic Charities Executive Director Msgr. Kevin Sullivan when he met with fellow faith and community leaders at the program’s unveiling at the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies office in downtown Manhattan yesterday.  “Catholic Charities enthusiastically joins this initiative to ensure improved financial security for New Yorkers in need by increasing access to available benefits.”

The initiative will offer training on the ins and outs of benefits access screening and enrollment to 50 houses of worship and community organizations like us. This began yesterday when leaders learned about new tools eligible constituents can use to easily access available benefits.  Then, during a special “Weekend of Enrollment” scheduled for October 2017, Catholic Charities and our fellow participating organizations will to screen and enroll New Yorkers for benefits and services throughout the five boroughs.

“As  Catholic Charities celebrates is 100-year legacy and launches our next century of helping New Yorkers, we are strengthening our partnerships on behalf of our neighbors in need,” says Msgr. Sullivan. “We are proud to be part of this great  metropolis that does so much to help our neighbors through a variety of programs and services.”

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