“I’m Beeping!”

Posted on October 4, 2018 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

What You Need to Know about Yesterday’s Presidential Alert

OMG; what was that high-pitched “Presidential Alert” suddenly beeping and vibrating on  everyone’s cell phone yesterday? 

Don’t worry.  You haven’t been selected for a special one-on-one with the President.

It was just a test, the first-ever national test of the Wireless Emergency Alert System.

If it had been a real, you would have received a message about a national emergency.

And guess what?  FEMA say you canNOT opt out.

That’s a good thing because preparing for emergencies is the Number 1 way to avoid disasters.

We know this at Catholic Charities NY because we have served as premier service providers and coordinators after recent disasters.  From the World Trade Center bombing to recent Hurricanes to helping displaced Puerto Rican’s acclimate to New York to the Belmont Bronx fires, we are here for you.

Our latest tip, also courtesy of FEMA:

Be careful during recent deluge of rain and steer clear of flooded roads.

-     Never drive on flooded roads - almost half of flood deaths happen in vehicle

-     6 inches of water is enough to cause you to lose control of your vehicle

-     In summary, if you see flood waters on the road, Turn Around; Don’t Drown

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