Feeding the Hungry & Sheltering the Homeless

Catholic Charities supports a vast network of soup kitchens in NYC and food pantries in NYC, emergency shelters, temporary and transitional housing and permanent affordable housing to help homeless families and individuals.


  • 5,802,097 nutritious meals served in parish and community food programs
  • 6,498 families prevented from becoming homeless 
  • 1,267 individuals housed in temporary and transitional apartments 
  • 8,234 individuals provided with emergency overnight shelter 
  • 7,100 families living in affordable housing

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  • Feeding Our Neighbors

    Far too many New York City residents - 1.4 million people, to be precise -- depend on food pantries in NYC and soup kitchens in NYC to survive.   That’s one out of every five New Yorkers, older women,  working families, veterans and, worst of all, children.

    Catholic Charities is making a difference.  We partner with programs to provide more than 6.5 million meals to hungry New Yorkers each year.  Community and parish-based food programs and pantries offer families food to bring home.  Many locations also provide hot meals on site. Our mobile food pantry supported by the Rusty Staub Foundation provides meals and other services in Staten Island.   And we connect hungry people to the extra support they need so they will not go hungry again.

    We also partner with fellow organizations to make sure no one goes hungry:  

    Find emergency meals at a Catholic Charities agency nearby.

  • Preserving Housing

    A home is the foundation for stability.  But skyrocketing housing prices coupled with low wages result in evictions and homelessness for growing numbers of children, individuals and families.

    Catholic Charities is here to help.  Our Preserving Housing program provides homelessness prevention services for families and individuals facing imminent eviction.  Our staff assesses the situation.  They work with individuals and families to create comprehensive plans that respond to the immanent emergency.  And they help avoid future crises.  To access rent subsidies and other government programs our caseworkers work with landlords, legal services, fellow community-based organizations and financial management programs.

    Individuals and families who fall behind on rent and are being sued in housing court can also receive help with:

    • Back rent
    • Family eviction prevention housing subsidies
    • Moving from New York City shelters to suitable apartments
    • Housing court and other legal challenges
    • Mediation with landlords

    Find a Catholic Charities agency for help with eviction.


    Learn more about these services.



  • Emergency Shelters

    No one should have to live on the street.  Catholic Charities helps the homeless find shelter.

    We provide assistance to parish and other community organizations that offer temporary shelter. Some can be reached through a central registry.  Others can be contacted directly.

    Find a Catholic Charities agency that offers emergency shelter.

  • Temporary & Transitional Residences

    When emergencies strike – abuse by a family member, fire in an apartment, whatever the cause –displaced people need a safe, temporary place to stay.  We provide transitional housing to help rebuild lives.

    Some cater to youth.  Others help women, men or families.  They offer the help needed to move from homelessness to permanent housing -- and independence. 

    Find a Catholic Charities agency that offers temporary and transitional residences.

  • Permanent Affordable Housing

    Affordable housing in New York?  Catholic Charities takes on the challenge.

    Catholic Charities and parishes developed affordable housing decades ago.  And we still work with the Association of Catholic Homes to preserve existing affordable housing and develop new affordable units.

    Specific eligibility requirements must be met to qualify for these housing units. Many also have long waiting list. 

    Find a Catholic Charities agency that offers permanent affordable housing.

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