Help for Refugees, Asylees, & Victims of Trafficking

Catholic Charities is dedicated to helping refugees and other victims who must flee their countries to escape violence and persecution.  This complicated, comprehensive work often involves fragile survivors.Case managers and  job trainers help them learn English, find work, and make a new home.  We also help families and individuals navigate the complicated government rules and applications needed to start a new life.

To make the transition as easy as possible Catholic Charities:

  • Helps family members and sponsors process overseas applications for refugee status outside the United States  

  • Helps those who recently received asylum status in the United States

  • Makes pre-arrival arrangements to assure a smooth transition into the United States

  • Provides material assistance after arrival

  • Offers English as a Second Language (ESL) classes

  • Helps with school enrollment

  • Provides information and referral  to social services

  • Provides training to find and land a job

 These services are provided at our main office at 80 Maiden Lane in Lower Manhattan To reach us call (212) 419-3700.

Find a Catholic Charities agency that can help you reunite with family. 

Find a Catholic Charities agency that assists refugees and asylees. 



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Life on the Frontlines of Immigration Reform

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Jumping the High Dive to Rescue Lives

By C. Mario Russell, Esq.
Director of Immigration & Refugee Services
Catholic Charities NY


Just over a month has passed since our last update and, as you will see below, in just a few weeks’ time our work has grown, expanded, and deepened in significant, new, and exciting ways… reflecting prophetic and powerful work, over and above what each of our Catholic Charities staff does each day.

So here it goes:

Eastern Conference Soccer Champs Face Off

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Remind Immigrant Teens to Stand Strong

La Union F.C. watched New York City FC beat the Chicago Fire at Yankee Stadium.

Translating the Supreme Court's Travel Ban Ruling

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Important Tips Immigrants & Refugees Need to Know

The Supreme Court’s decision this past Monday, June 26, regarding President Donald Trump’s travel ban prompted questions, confusion and fear.  To help immigrants, refugees and others understand the decision, Catholic Charities prepared the summary and analysis below:

Help for Unaccompanied Immigrant Children & Their Families

Thousands of immigrant children arrive in the United States each year alone and frightened without a relative or caring adult.  Catholic Charities provides crucial legal and support services to children detained in temporary, federal shelter care in New York as they await reunification with a relative or transfer to foster care.  We also offer legal representation in court so children don’t have to go in front of a judge alone. 

Process for Admission to the US

Refugees are admitted to the United States through a very long and arduous vetting process. The US Government oversees the program through the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR).To learn more about the process click here:

ORR contracts with voluntary agencies to assist the government in welcoming refugees around the country.

Huge Thanks to Holy Innocents!

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Teaming with Catholic Charities to Help Refugees

With Father Burns are Elda Lambert-Fernandez and her daughter– who are originally from Honduras