100 Years of Providing Help & Creating Hope

Posted on December 31, 2016 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

Happy 2017 – and wow, does Catholic Charities have a lot to celebrate!  This year marks our Centennial.  That’s right; 100 years providing help and creating hope for our fellow New Yorkers. 
So stay tuned and join in the celebration!  All year we will
  •  Launch activities 
  • Celebrate our service 
  • Introduce you to some of those we serve
Our vision is simple:  We treat our neighbors as we would want our family to be treated if they were in need. 
And our vision is substantial:  We do not just help; we empower by offering tools that foster independence.
Since 1917 Catholic Charities has
  • Strengthened New York’s families and children
  • Partnered to build the fabric of New York
We are still doing that today and we will continue into the next century. 
What’s great about our Centennial 2017 is it gives a chance to publicly recommit our pledge to provide services that
  •  Protect, nurture and strengthen children and families
  • Support the physically and emotionally challenged
  • Welcome and integrate new immigrants
It also lets us renew our pledge to provide services that are efficient, effective, accountable and caring to non-Catholics and Catholics alike, based on our belief that each person is made in the image of God.
Thanks to this inspiration we are huge and our reach is tremendous. 

Catholic Charities is a vibrant network of 90 agencies, independent in their structure yet united by a common vision of human dignity and responsibility for the most vulnerable among us        

Every year we
  • Help more than 10,000 children though Head Start, afterschool programs, foster care and more
  • Feed more than 6.5 million meals to hungry New York children and their families
  • Prevent more than 6,500 families from becoming homeless
  • Empower more than 20,000 individuals struggling with disabilities, mental illness and addiction
So stay tuned and share in our Catholic Charities Centennial Celebration.
And thank you for one hundred years of support!

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